GNU Iconv is a free software maintained and developped by the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation. ICONV allows converting files from encoding to encoding, and provide a large set of encoding.

This is really helpfull when you want to port batch scripts between platforms because for exemple, GNU/Linux uses UTF-8 charset whereas WINDOWS uses a various set of codepages, as CP863 for western europe.

Iconv is distributed as a free software by the GNU project, and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3


ICONV [-c] [-s] [-f encoding1] [-t encoding2] [fichier]

Converts a file from an encoding to another one.


Avaliable since version 0.7.

Uncompatible with cmd.exe, this command comes from the gnu operating system.

See also

NANO / GNU Nano editor, HLP command

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